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instructions for authors + publications

Each Author is awarded 1 point on the Leaderboard when a Curator submits a link to their work.

We automatically pull the 'author' meta tag from each link. If no 'author' meta tag is found then we look for 'twitter:creator', 'article:author' and finally the 'og:article:author' meta tag. The author's name will appear on the Leaderboard exactly as specified by the 'author' metatag.

If you'd like to test and see how your article is attributed, you can copy/paste its url into the "Add Link" form. The form will auto-detect and display the "author" attribution per the rules above.

There are some publications and CMS's that make use of the 'json-ld' standard. For those publications there are special rules in our code for handling them.

Some publications choose to populate the 'author' metatag with their own twitter handle or publication name. Although our Curators may submit links like this, our policy is to not display or credit publications on the Leaderboard.

If you have any questions or requests around author attribution in the Leaderboard feel free to DM via Twitter (@CryptofilterXYZ) or email hello [at]

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