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privacy policy

Third-party cookies loaded by images. When you use this site, you may see third-party cookies (even Google Analytics cookies) belonging to other domains. It is because this website loads story images directly from other websites (similar to other RSS readers) and those sites load their own cookies along with them. If this site gains traction and there is a strong desire for a solution to this, we may be able to implement an image proxy to circumvent this behavior.

Matomo tracking beacons are anonymized. This website uses anonymized tracking beacons by Innocraft Matomo in order to measure and improve user engagement. Your ip address is stored in the format, meaning it is anonymized and is not traceable. Additionally, there is no personally identifiable information (PII) transmitted or stored with our Matomo data.

Matomo tracking cookies are disabled. Using Matomo for tracking beacons and data analytics means that we have the option of not utilizing tracking cookies. You may see a cookie called `MATOMO_SESSID`, which is a temporary short-lived cookie that is not used for data analytics. Read more here.

Matomo tracking beacon and data analytics are not transmitted to third parties. The data analytics collected by the Matomo tracking beacons on this site are only used to improve this website and are not transmitted to third parties.

Ethereum wallets and addresses. "Curators" -- users who contribute links to this website -- may use their own Web3-enabled cryptocurrency wallet to sign messages that are then stored in our database. It is important that you review and understand the privacy policy of your wallet, which is not directly affiliated in any way with this website. When you submit a link through the "Contribute" page, your Ethereum wallet address is stored along with the link submitted and may be displayed to other users.